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Listmoz - The List Maker

Listmoz is a simple list maker. You can use it for anything. Just start entering items into the box above (hit the enter key after each one).

You can access your list using the unique URL that was generated for it. Bookmark this page, or email the URL to yourself so you can get back to your list.

Anyone with that URL can add, edit, delete, check, uncheck and re-arrange your list items! Don't worry, there is also a "read only" URL that you can share without giving away edit permissions.

List Making Help

What's this "read-only" version all about?

The "read-only" version of your list can be shared with anyone without giving them the ability to edit anything. In most cases, that's the URL you want to give to people.

Pro-Tip: The read-only version allows people to check/uncheck items, but the changes do not actually get saved. This is useful if you want to make a re-usable check list for some kind of repeating procedure (imagine a checklist for closing up a restaurant at the end of the business day).

If you share the URL of the page you are on right now, then the person can edit your list just like you. This is because Listmoz has no user accounts for authentication. The URL is the authentication.

How long is my list stored?

Forever or until you delete the items in it.

How do I re-arrange items on my list?

Click and drag the ≡ to the right of the item. But all checked items are always at the bottom of the list.

How do I add a line break in my list item text?


I'm high maintenance and need to email you.

I can't help you find your lost list URL.

I forgot to bookmark my list URL. Can you find it for me?

If you're lucky, the URL is in your browser cache. I looked for you, and this is what I found: