How does Listmoz work?

When you go to, a unique URL is generated for your list (something like You are immediately able to manage your list. You can

Once your list is created, you can print it off, email it, bookmark it, or create a new list. You need to remember your list URL! Make sure you bookmark the list, or email it to yourself. There is no way to retrieve the list if you lose the URL!

If you email your list URL to someone, they are able to edit your list. If you need to share your list in a read only fashion (e.g. you don't want people to edit it), click the "Read Only" link. A page is generated with your list on it, but all the editing features are disabled. You can email that URL to people, and those people won't be able to edit your list.

Important information about security - Your list URL is the only thing protecting your list. A list URL is crackable (although it's very unlikely, about 1 in 1 septillion). Don't put sensitive information on your list! Always assume someone is capable of viewing and editing your list.

Oh, and if you want to make a test, you can use my test maker.

Need more help?

Email Matt Johnson, the guy who made this online list maker.